Sunday, November 08, 2009


OK, not slain. Just deleted. By moi. On purpose. Why? Well, I hadn't posted forever. Much of what I had posted was juvenile nonsense, and I have little confidence that any future posts will be of higher quality. (That applies to 99.9999999% of the blogosphere, not just Raging Ranter.)

Like many things, blogging was fun when there were only a handful of us. It got boring in a hurry once it became popular. With thousands commenting on the same mindless crap, and linking to the same half-dozen media articles each day, it soon became pointless.

If you spray some graffiti on a wall, you can bet that more and more kids will start showing up at that same wall with their spray cans. First thing you know, the wall is full, new graffiti starts obscuring old graffiti, and the whole thing becomes an incomprehensible mess of nothing. That is blogging today. Have at 'er.